Excise Goods


Supply Chains are getting increasingly digital, and that is a good thing. Increasing amounts of data are being shared digitally, saving all parties a lot of time. It’s not just companies. Governments are digitalising as well, which is clearly visible in customs. An increasing number of processes and procedures have been digitalised in recent years. Up next for a digital refresh are the European excise procedures. The official designation is Council Directive 2020/262.


European Customs Authorities are Digitalizing Excise Procedures


Customs Support: Excise Goods

What Are Excise Goods?

Excise goods are goods containing alcohol, tobacco products, and mineral oil. When you import, sell or use excisable goods in the EU you have to pay excise duty. Since 2008 the EU member states have harmonized the excise duties within the EU, although there still are some country-specific rules.


Just in Time for the Weekend: International Beer Day is Today!

Today is International Beer Day.

International Beer Day was created to celebrate the deliciousness that is beer, to celebrate the men and women who brew and serve beer, and to bring the world together in celebrating beer from all countries and cultures. At Customs Support Group we are all for celebrating and inclusion. And most of us like beer.