What health risks are there in transporting peanuts?

Depending on where your peanuts are imported from, there is a risk of contamination by aflatoxins. These are a family of fungi that grow in warm and wet conditions, as is common in countries which grow peanuts.

If your shipment of peanuts has been contaminated, then the journey overseas creates the ideal conditions for the aflatoxins to grow.

Why did the peanut cross the road?

What is SCDP?

Simplified Customs Declaration Processes (SCDP) is a method for import clearance used by volume traders that allows goods to proceed through the border with minimal information declared.

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Plus we are supported by 1500+ customs experts from across Europe. Meaning that we can provide you with full-service solutions and Empower your Global Trade. So, what exactly do we do?

CFSP Bureau

Customs Freight Simplified Procedure is a straightforward, efficient, and cost-effective import process that Customs Support Felixstowe are authorised to operate on behalf of, or directly for regular traders in the UK. 

Felixstowe Port

With races sometimes a week apart, logistics teams need to be as well-oiled as the cars to keep things moving. A single piece of equipment can be the difference in a race, with winning and losing sometimes coming down to milliseconds on the final lap.

This is why there are often five or six sets of duplicate equipment moving at the same time. Teams need guarantees that their equipment will be there for the events. But with all the high-speed chaos of transporting Formula 1 around the world, how are all the goods moved through customs? Find out in this article.

Formula One Raceway Tires in Teal

Our client is a Korean-US Automotive company with European Headquarters in Dobris and a central EMEA Distribution Centre for spare parts in Germany (200.000mtr). For this client, we prepare all import, transit and export documents, including Fiscal representation for several ports (Port of Hamburg, Leipzig airport, Frankfurt am Main).

What unique challenges did this client face?

European-wide customs services case study (Image: car over a teal split background)

This case will consider one of our long-term automotive clients in Belgium (BE), and the recent additional challenges experienced by their sister branch in the United Kingdom (UK) since Brexit.

First, we assess the client’s background, challenges, and operations:

As a leading manufacturer in the automotive sector, operating in 120 locations internationally across 30 countries this client requires end-to-end customs clearance. During a client meeting, our Business Development Director in Belgium learned of issues our client was having in the UK with importing goods. 

Teal car across teal background

Terneuzen lies in Zeeland in the southwest of the Netherlands and is part of the North Sea Port. The Terneuzen canal, which runs from Terneuzen to Gent, is an important shipping route. Ships need to go through locks in Terneuzen to enter the canal. To increase the capacity of the locks and to allow larger vessels to enter the canal, the new lock is under construction.

Terneuzen Canal

The Process Before Using Inward Processing

Let’s look at the business case for one of our clients, a company specialising in calibrating and repairing specialised measuring equipment. Customers worldwide ship their devices to our client in the Netherlands. They work their magic and send the machine back to its owner.

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Many products and materials are produced by different companies in different countries, both inside and outside of the European Union. In regions that have, for example, lower labour rates, it is possible to produce these goods at a far lower cost than inside the European Union and thus sell them at a lower price. These products are then “dumped” at a far lower price on the EU market.

Anti Dumping Duties