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Customs Support is the full-service and digital customs partner in Europe. A fast-paced company that stands for engaged people, quality, customs compliance and digital innovation. We make customs easy for global trade.


In Europe, Customs Support is trusted by countless cross-border clients across a variety of industries, including but not limited to automotive, food and beverage, agriculture, forestry, events and more. Customs Support is the frontrunner in digital customs and invests heavily in digitalising the customs process. Most importantly, to ensure that we are your reliable partner for customs now and for the future, we are AEO certified.  

The company is currently active in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden and Spain. In addition to digital brokerage and traditional services, Customs Support uniquely offers customs consulting in Europe and gas measurement services in The Netherlands and in Belgium.   

Our Services

With over 1700 dedicated customs professionals working together, our clients’ goods cross borders smoothly. Through our extensive service offering and digital capability, we support our clients to maximise regulatory compliance and achieve operational efficiency. This includes support in import duty optimisation, duty planning and ongoing development to reflect the constantly shifting customs landscape. Our consultants and declarants are highly skilled and always on top of the latest customs news and regulations.

Import & Export

We provide companies importing goods from third countries or exporting goods to third countries with advice on VAT, we do risk assessments, complete and check the documentation, handle the administration, assist with physical checks of the shipment and do the actual declaration with the Customs Authority.


If goods need to be transported within the European Union without bringing them into free circulation we can create the necessary T-1 documents.

Certificate of Origin

Determining the origin of goods in international trade is a complex matter. Obtaining the correct documents of origin will ensure that goods enter the country of destination without any complications. Origin documents are usually handled and issued by the Chamber of Commerce. Our extensive knowledge and experience within this area of expertise enable us to always find the smartest solution.


Our highly skilled Consultants are multi-deployable and can support companies with a wide range of issues. They work as in-house declarants or manage customs departments. Others have consulting roles and can offer support when it comes to HS Codes, determination of origin or other specialist customs-related matters.

Training and Workshops

Next to organising in-house training courses and workshops to keep people in the logistics and supply chain field up to date and compliant, we also have an independent training institute with a focus on specific parts of the logistics chain: customs, safety, health, economy, environment and hazardous substances: The Customs Academy.

Fiscal Representation

We have the permits to offer fiscal representation to companies that want to reclaim VAT, without being registered in the Netherlands.

Gas Measurement and Degassing

Using our advanced FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed) gas analysers we can measure hundreds of chemicals, substance-specific and within a few minutes. We can degass containers or our specialists can unload them with special suits and equipment.

Bonded Warehousing

Our specialists can help companies set up a bonded warehousing facility by assisting with the request of specific permits and setting up the administration.


Customs procedures can be complex. Laws and regulations are constantly evolving and changing. Each change can have significant implications for your operation. Our experts follow these changes closely and always work per the latest regulations. We invest in training and education to ensure all our employees have the necessary knowledge and skills. But our knowledge isn’t a secret recipe kept under lock and key, we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge with you. From our monthly newsletters, world trade deal overviews and regularly updated blogs to our private consulting sessions; we are committed to providing you with the tools and knowledge your business needs to thrive.


We are AEO Certified, meaning our processes and documents have all been audited and fully comply with all customs regulations. Our long-standing relationship with Customs Authorities and local authorities ensures faster and more efficient processing of your shipments.

In addition to this as a Europe-Wide provider, many of our office locations have sought additional compliance accreditation. Including but not limited to ACITA, BIFA, FIATA and UK AEO status. We know sometimes one size doesn’t fit all, so we match you to the office that best suits your needs.

IT Solutions

We continuously invest in technology and innovation. Our state-of-the-art digital solutions enable our clients to focus on what matters most: business. We offer a full stack of digital solutions for customs declarations: from onboarding, automatic data flows and real-time visibility of customs processes and credit lines: enabling clients to focus on their business.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Customs Support operates internationally but acts locally. Integrity and sustainability are two of our core values; we treat people, the environment, and society ethically, responsibly, and respectfully. We take the impact of our decisions on people and the environment seriously. It is why we use certified products, minimise environmental impact and have a network of offices that enable our people to work close to home, to name a few examples.

In addition to the choices, we make in our business operations, we also support projects and events impacting society. We enable our employees with hands-on support with their activities for charity.

Our goal is to exceed client expectations and be the best possible partner, by keeping customs hassle-free.
Jens Stevens
Senior Customs Consultant


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