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As the leading customs expert in Europe, we can offer you individual customs solutions tailored to the specific demands of transport and logistics companies. Our customs specialists can advise you on the following topics:

  • Preparation of customs documentation, permits and certificates 
  • Support in complying with regulations and requirements for the transport and logistics industry 
  • Monitoring and control of customs formalities during the transportation process

Customs Challenges | Transport & Logistics

Logistics and transportation companies often struggle with their customs clearance due to complex customs processes as well as ongoing changes in customs regulations and the classification of goods. It is crucial to ensure the correct classification of goods to calculate the correct customs rates and taxes and help use the appropriate trade agreements.

However, when transportation companies lack customs knowledge, they risk making mistakes that can be expensive to redeem.
Another hurdle when it comes to customs clearance is the preparation of customs documents, which can be lengthy and have to be filled out precisely, since errors or incompleteness can lead to delays and penalties.

Import and export compliance represents another challenge for logistics and transportation companies, as destination countries have different regulations that must be met. Companies that are unable to comply with these regulations can face heavy fines and delays in transportation.

Customs Solutions | Transport and Logistics

Customs Support offers expert customs advice and services to improve customs processes in the transport and logistics industry, enabling them to overcome customs processing challenges.

Our customs experts can advise you on:

  • Planning and implementing your customs clearance
  • Handling customs formalities and monitoring compliance with import and export regulations
  • Classification of goods and determination of customs rates and taxes
  • Verification of the accuracy and completeness of customs documents and invoices
  • Increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs through a fast and effective customs process in logistics

Frequently Asked Questions | Transport and Logistics

What are the main challenges logistics and transportation businesses face when it comes to customs clearance?

Complex customs regulations and the need for seamless coordination of logistics service processes make customs clearance in the transport and logistics industry challenging. Work with our customs experts - they have extensive industry knowledge and can offer you customised solutions to overcome your challenges.

How does Customs Support help transport and logistics companies with customs clearance?

Our customs experts support transportation companies with the processing of customs formalities, the monitoring of import and export regulations and the classification of goods. In addition, they can assist with the preparation of customs documents and advise on compliance with industry-specific regulations, significantly helping streamline the customs clearance process.

How can I ensure that my transport and logistics service processes run smoothly?

Smooth customs processes in the logistics service industry rely on comprehensive expertise and specific industry knowledge. Our customs experts offer individual solutions to help meet your specific requirements and optimise your customs processes. By monitoring and controlling your customs processes with our state-of-the-art technology, we can minimise the risk of delays or penalties.

How can digital technologies streamline my customs operations in the logistics service industry?

Our digital technologies allow us to provide timely and accurate customs services that help optimise customs clearance processes in the logistics service industry. Our customs specialists use state-of-the-art customs software to automate and speed up customs processes, reducing the risk of delays or penalties for our customers.

What are the benefits of full-service customs services for transportation companies?

Full-service customs services can offer transportation companies tailored solutions to help them handle their customs matters efficiently and smoothly. Using the latest customs software and expertise, our Customs Support experts can deliver timely and accurate results, helping you save time and money.

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Trade Deals Around The World: February Edition 2023

Trade Deals Around the World is our periodic update, providing you with a quick and easy overview of what has been happening in the many trade deal negotiations worldwide.

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World Trade

How will strikes on the 1st February affect customs?

​​​​​​​Railway, university, teaching, and government staff are due to strike in cooperation on Wednesday 1st February. HMRC will not be striking, but your trade may be affected. Find out how in this article.

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Freeport East Receives Final Government Approval

Freeport East has completed the strategy phase and been approved for delivery. Find out more about the location and benefits of Suffolk’s Freeport in this article.

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Ukraine & The Common Transit Agreement

To bring tangible benefits to the Ukrainians, the EU has pledged to assist and support them in their democratic reforms. This aid covers customs reform and critical areas like corruption, energy, and trade. To enable this, Ukraine and the European Union signed an Association Agreement in 2014.

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Interim operational customs support

Finding the right resource for gaps in your customs team is hard. Thankfully, interim operational customs support helps to keep your business moving. Our consultant, Marino, explains in this article.

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How many HS codes are you decorating your Christmas tree with? Aside from the staggering amount of trade revenue that Christmas trees bring, have you ever considered how Christmas items are categorised by customs?

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Full-Service Solutions in Global Trade

Within this client case study, we outline how Customs Support provided an existing client, with Europe-wide, end-to-end, full-service solutions to their extensive global trade operations.

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Customs Support strengthens European presence with acquisition of Portmade Group


Customs Support Welcomes SA-TU Logistics to the Family!

Customs Support Group is proud to say 'tervetuloa' to our new Finnish colleagues, as the customs department of SA-TU Logistics has joined the Customs Support family. This expansion will increase our ability to offer digital customs services in Finland to our European clients.  

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Importing New Ship Locks for the Terneuzen Canal From China

Sometimes we are asked to support a project that makes the hearts of those involved beat faster. This is the case for a recent project that we are handling from our offices in Terneuzen.

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