Acquisition of Kunow Group Strengthens Presence in Europe


With our focus on the growth objectives of Customs Support Group in Europe, we have acquired Kunow Group in January 2020. This acquisition greatly strengthens the position of our dynamic and innovative group. With this acquisition, we are doubling the presence in Germany and expanding to Poland. We are extremely proud of this milestone as we have the ability to serve our customers even better with our knowledge, service and services in Europe.


The Kunow Group was founded in the late 1940s in Helmstedt and was then specialized in East-West traffic. At the beginning of more trade relations with the Central and Eastern European countries in the sixties, Kunow Group became a contract partner of almost all well-known state carriers such as VEB Deutrans Berlin, Pekaes Warsaw, Sovtransavto Moscow, Cesmad Prague and Hungarocamion Budapest. Thanks to this early close collaboration, the company became the market leader in east-west traffic.

With the acquisition, we welcome 80 colleagues, of which 60 are working in Germany and 20 in Poland. In addition to 15 offices in Germany and Poland, the Kunow Group has a wide network of cooperation partners in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland and Belarus.

We welcome all new colleagues! We are looking forward to working together to provide the best customs formalities and services to our customers.