Additional Documents You May Need When Exporting Goods


We’ve covered export documents and import documents that you may need when exporting goods from the EU. These were all customs documents and certificates.
There are several other documents you may need, that are not customs specific.

Commercial Invoice

For any customs authority to be able to determine the value of your shipment they need a commercial invoice. The invoice should be correctly dated, have all the relevant information of the buyer and the seller, and information like HS Codes, country of origin, transportation costs, other costs, Incoterms and, of course, the price. There may be other requirements for your invoice, depending on where you are exporting from and where you are exporting to.

Packing List

Customs officials need to know what is in your shipment. The packing list should mention the goods that are in the shipment, the number of boxes and pallets, and the weight.

Export License

We already covered dual-use and strategic goods. If you want to export goods that fall in this category you need an export license. You can request an export license in the country where you want to export from. In the Netherlands, for example, a license can be requested at the Customs’ Central Import and Export Office (CDIU). Specific procedures vary per country.

Authorisation to Act as a Direct Representative

When a Third Party, like Customs Support, takes care of customs formalities for you as an exporter, it is called Direct Representation. The organization representing you needs to be officially mandated, so the Customs Authority knows to what extent the organization is mandated to do so. This is done by filling out and signing an Authorisation to Act as a Direct Representative. The rules and regulations with regards to Direct Representation can vary per country. Check with your local customs authority, or ask an expert.

Specific Certificates

There are products that require specific certificates. This depends on the HS Code of your products. Two Examples:
Veterinary goods – If you want to export veterinary goods they may need to be accompanied by a Health Certificate. Rules and regulations can vary per country.

When you want to export chemicals or products containing chemicals, you may need a Certificate of Analysis. This certificate outlines the product specifications and can be used by customs to determine if they are approved for export.

There may be other documents or certificates needed for you to export your goods to another country. Again: check with your local customs authority, or ask an expert.

Photo by Tom Fisk from Pexels

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