Customs Support Group entities successfully reassessed


We are an AEO Certified independent customs agent. Using an AEO Certified agent has many benefits, like fewer checks, fewer delays and fewer issues.

AEO Compliance Reassessed

In the Netherlands, it is the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration that certifies companies. To make sure companies keep the highest of standards when it comes to customs matters certified companies are periodically re-assessed.

We are proud to announce the successful re-assessment of Customs Support Holland, Pompa, and Phimex Douane Expediteurs. The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration has concluded these Customs Support Group entities are all fully AEO compliant.

Thanks to the Teams!

Our gratitude and congratulations go out to the teams at all locations for their hard work and dedication. They ensure that our customers can do business globally without worrying about customs and tax-related issues.

If you have any questions or need assistance with importing or exportingcontact one of our experts.