Who are you?

I’m Adam Grimshaw, the compliance manager for the UK. I’m based in Felixstowe, and have been with this office for two years now, starting at UK Customs Solutions before the acquisition in 2021.

Adam Grimshaw (Teal Background)

When Parts Become a Bicycle

Dutch Customs is currently putting an increased focus on imported bike parts. These checks are all after the import has taken place, hence their name: Controle na import (CNI, check after import). The parts are imported under HS Code HTS Code:

8714 .. .. Parts And Accessories For Motorcycles, Bicycles And Other Cycles, Including Parts And Accessories For Delivery Tricycles And Invalid Carriages

Rows of bikes

We are an AEO Certified independent customs agent. Using an AEO Certified agent has many benefits, like fewer checks, fewer delays and fewer issues.

AEO Compliance Reassessed

In the Netherlands, it is the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration that certifies companies. To make sure companies keep the highest of standards when it comes to customs matters certified companies are periodically re-assessed.