United Across Borders: The Customs Support Group

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Providing customs services throughout Europe, we are the only customs partner you need in the EU and UK. Discover how the Customs Support Group supports your European operations in this article.

Local knowledge in more than 13 countries

The Customs Support Group has near 2000 declarants at your disposal, working in more than 13 countries across Europe.

Why “more than” 13? Because we have Customs Support offices in 13 countries, but close partnerships and direct connections to ports in countries that we don’t yet have offices.

Here are the countries that you can physically find us in:

The Netherlands

The headquarters of Customs Support is in Rotterdam, the biggest port in Europe and one of the top 10 busiest in the world. Until 2005, it was the largest port in the world.

Customs Support has locations throughout The Netherlands, providing customs clearance, customs consultancy, and gas safety for companies that rely on this important gateway for European trade.


Mainly located in the Port of Antwerp, Customs Support Belgium is a key innovator in digital customs solutions – boasting more than 70% digitalisation (compared to 20-25% in other digital companies).

Additionally, it is one of the only providers of export and import clearances in Belgium that operates 24/7, including the completion of end-to-end customs clearances with the UK.


Specialists in all things consultancy and trained by Finnish customs, Customs Support Finland are experts in goods classification, AEO certification, and customs health checks.

Customs Support in Finland is also working with officials on testing EU centralised clearances, ensuring that we and our customers are at the forefront of this groundbreaking initiative.


As well as a key link for post-Brexit customs clearances, Customs Support France is breaking the tradition of using in-house teams and freight forwarders for the customs function.

Each of our nine French locations is working with businesses like yours to optimise their processes, proving to them how a neutral supplier of customs is a game-changer for their supply chains.


Accounting for more than 7% of global trade, one in four people in Germany depend on the export sale of goods and services for their income. Therefore, it is no surprise that businesses across the country rely on one of the 21 Customs Support offices in Germany for their export clearances.

In line with the country’s sustainable development goals and our digital-first approach, Customs Support Germany works closely with you for EDI integrations to simplify your supply chain, increase your operational efficiency, and ensure compliance.


The small but mighty team at Customs Support Ireland have managed specialised customs clearances for events of all kinds, from music festivals to Ironman triathlons.

As experts in international logistics, the team in Ireland are also able to coordinate customs for huge projects, such as when they worked on this unusual last-minute Christmas solution last year.


Home to 15 of our offices, Customs Support have a huge footprint in Italy – a position from which we are revolutionising the way customs are done there.

Traditionally, the Italian customs industry is still very paper-heavy. However, under the guidance of our colleagues that have been working with digital integrations for a while, Customs Support is becoming a standout provider of modern, digital customs solutions in Italy.


Although Norway is not a part of the European Union, it is a part of the European Economic Area. What this means is that tariffs and regulations are set separately by Norwegian customs, but goods can also move freely between the two if certain rules of origin are applicable.

Customs Support Norway works with you to navigate this special customs territory, providing advice, digital integrations, and clearances to keep your goods moving on time and in a compliant manner.


A key location on the eastern border of the European Union, Poland is the gateway for goods arriving from eastern Europe and Asia by land, as well as by sea on the northern coast.

Customs Support has recently expanded our Polish footprint with the acquisition of Rusak, increasing our presence from six offices to 26. Our specialist services in Poland include bonded warehouse management and related procedures such as customs excise processing.


The testing centre for EU centralised clearances, Customs Support Spain is working with officials to improve on the current UCC centralised clearance for import (UCCCCI) procedure.

Moreover, our customs specialists in Spain work with many longstanding clients in the automotive, agricultural, and aerospace industries, providing digital solutions and specialist advice for companies within complicated technology supply chains.


As experts in consultancy, Customs Support Sweden is trusted by global traders who need both interim strategic customs consultancy and ongoing operational customs support.

Our experts in Sweden are particularly good at mapping the global sale of goods, helping with classifications, rules on origin, import duty rates, and customs permit applications worldwide.


Switzerland is not in the European Union, so our EU-based companies cannot complete clearances there. Therefore, Customs Support Switzerland provides clearance and fiscal services for our customers who trade within this region.

Additionally, our colleagues in Customs Support’s seven Swiss offices are well-versed in specialist clearances such as temporary imports and Inward Processing Relief.

United Kingdom

Home to more than nine offices and a provider of digital-first customs since before Brexit, Customs Support UK is a key tester of our cross-border integrations for both clearances and community transit documents.

As well as a leader in digitalisation in customs, the UK specialist services team provides innovative solutions for duty management and leveraging the financial benefits of customs warehousing.

Need customs support in Europe?

No matter where you are importing your goods from or exporting them to, the Customs Support Group has the local knowledge, extensive expertise, and modern solutions to optimise your operation. Contact us to get started today.