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What does Koornstra & Co do?

Koornstra is an importer and exporter of fruit and vegetables. We deliver the goods where they are needed at the right time within our market area, according to JIT – Just-in-time method. That is where our strength lies because we can easily respond to customer requirements.

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But what do freeports do, and how will they contribute to Britain’s future? Find out in this article.

What are freeports?

A freeport is a type of Free Economic Zone (FEZ), which provides preferential trading conditions for companies that are located within them. These can be reduced import duty rates, more lenient paperwork requirements, lower employment tax, or something else which makes the process of importing and exporting easier for the local business community.

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About Caroz

Caroz is a specialist in 4PL and TMS solutions. The Caroz team manages and controls the logistical performance of clients in order to increase the operating result. With the 4PL services and TMS software solutions, Caroz also offers, since 2010, a very advanced control tower.