Supporting Europe-wide supply chains with Schneider Transport


Join Albert Pustjens as he shares how Customs Support’s position as a neutral, digital-first customs partner empowers Schneider Transport to provide a service that isn’t affected by borders.

Tell us about Schneider Transport 

Schneider Transport is a Swiss-based company with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. We have three branches in the Netherlands, over 60 branches across the world, and employ a little more than 1000 people. 

We provide a full range of logistics services globally, including warehousing, road, air and sea freight.  

How did you come into contact with Customs Support? 

We have a long-term relationship with one of the offices in Venlo, The Netherlands, formally known as Verhoex. We knew Customs Support as a player in the market in The Netherlands, but we only came into contact with them during their acquisition of Verhoex. 

During our introduction, I was interested in Customs Support’s structure and what else we could do with them. We had a desire for providing customs clearance services for other European countries outside of the Netherlands for some time, and it was a perfect match with Customs Support.  

One thing lead to another, and our customers are happy to now have just one partner for their supply chain. From their perspective, we do the transportation of the deep sea containers; we do the warehousing; we do the customs. Customs Support is a very valuable partner for us.  

How did Customs Support help you? 

Customs Support’s headquarters connected us to all the European branches that we needed, so we have direct lines to all of them. This helps us to provide a great customs service to our customers. 

We also provide express services, sometimes needing import or export clearance and delivery within 24 hours, so that quick communication is necessary. This is especially important with UK express loads, where we need to do the export and import customs clearance with a GVMS booking. Customs Support’s end-to-end customs clearance service helps us to stay on time. 

Overall, what are the key benefits you’ve had from working with Customs Support? 

We are incredibly happy with how Customs Support works with us across their branches. Some of the main benefits we get from this partnership are: 

Direct communication with their branches 

We like that we speak to their people in the relevant port, so we can get a quick update or resolve any issues without waiting on internal communication. 

It’s always a straight yes or no 

Decisions need to be made quickly and we know that we can rely on Customs Support’s answers. No messing about or multiple meetings, just this is what we can do and this is what we need to do it. 

Quick expansion and set up 

When we need to start operating in a new area, it’s easy. We have our main account holder in Rotterdam connect us to another office, and the next day we can complete customs functions there. 

How do you see your partnership with Customs Support growing? 

We are always looking to expand what we provide for our customers, and we know that Customs Support do the same. When we look to operate in a new area, we know that we can rely on them to support us if they are also operating there. 

Now that we have a network in place, we are looking at more of the digital solutions that Customs Support provide across Europe. We like the close connections that we have with their people, but also see the value in digitalisation and would like to explore this more.  


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