Dutch Customs Authority postpones implementation of CVB


The Netherlands is the only country in the European Union where the Customs Authority releases import declarations before the actual unloading of the goods off the ship. Because of this, it is possible that there are discrepancies between the declaration and the Bill of Lading.

To make sure said discrepancies no longer appear Dutch Customs is implementing a new procedure. With this new procedure, it is no longer possible to make an import declaration before the goods have been unloaded.

Container Release Message

The new import procedure is called Container Vrijgave Bericht, which translates into Container Release Message. This new procedure will be implemented in phases. The first phase entails the following: declarations need to be done in AGS, the declaration system of the Customs Authority. These declarations will only be released after they have been matched with the DMF/NFV system for incoming goods.

The implementation of this first phase has been postponed for different reasons, one of them was the uncertainty about Brexit. When Brexit was final, March 30 was chosen as the new date for the implementation, but the Customs Authority has again decided to postpone. Systems need to be tested further. A new date is not yet known.

What Is Going to Change After Implementation?

Currently, declarations are released before the goods are unloaded, but under the new rules, this will no longer be possible. The Customs Authority will be more strict when checking declarations, then they are now. It will be even more important to fill out declarations accurately.

The number of boxes and the gross weight need specific attention. Differences in the number of boxes or gross wait between the Bill of Lading and the ATO are no longer allowed. The Aangifte Tijdelijke Opslag, which translates into Declaration of Temporary Storage, is the declaration that is done when the goods are unloaded. The new procedure is more time consuming than the old one.

We will keep you posted

The new date for the implementation is not yet known. We will report back as soon as the date is known. Keep an eye on our news page and our LinkedIn page to stay up to date on news on import, export, and other customs matters.

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